Theme Struggle is Real

Every time I try to decide to change the look of my blog, I tell myself to make it quick.  To simply check on the ones that look simple but cute and comfortable. That never happens.  Even though I have my specific preferences, I still can’t narrow my options.  Has this ever happened to you, too? I have not tried to make my own theme ever; I’m not good at that thing.  I think it’ll be easier if I know how to but that’ll just mess in my head.

Anyway, in choosing the look of your blog, I guess it’s still best to choose based on your own preferences.  Consider the character and the mood you want the page to imply.  Blog’s are basically about the content of your page and of course your readers, and a great part of that is your readability.  Always, when I visit other blogs, I tend to evaluate whether it’s reader-friendly or if it’s easy to navigate around the different sections of the page.  I guess it’s really important that you’re able to showcase well whatever it is that you blog about: pictures, posts, open letters, or just whatever.  I mean, you put them there for a reason, to be read or to just to voice out your opinion.  The thing is, you want yourself to be heard.  So might as well let the readers have that chance without having the need to crack a puzzle first.


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