It’s a Feeling Thing

As we go by in our life, we experience a lot of things that change us to who are in the present.  Good, bad, deeply painful, breathtakingly beautiful memories shape our souls in the way that we become a stranger to the person we once were.

With age, you come to see and accept things a little differently.  Like sincerity.  We doubt it even when we see it right in front of us.  Often, we take a good act as a disguise from an actual hidden intention.   Why is it that we assume the worse case there is possible when it comes to accepting other people’s act of kindness? I guess it is because we’re all afraid to assume  people do good things for nothing.  And that’s just sad and wrong.  Although you would say that you’re just being cautious of your emotions, it wouldn’t exactly make you feel good if people knew you don’t believe they’re being sincere.  I think it’s also important that we know we deserve to receive care and minding from people, because we can do that for them, too.  Even for nothing in return.

Some people will tell you they love you, even when they don’t; some people won’t tell you they’re sorry, even when they truly are.  What’s important is you believe in what you deserve.


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