What Choice Do We Have?

People say that love is a choice.  But, why can’t we choose who we love?  At least that’s what they always tell you.  That you can’t choose who you fall head over heels for.  You simply know it when you see it.

Isn’t it ironic to say that love is a choice but when you finally say you’re ready for it, you won’t have a word about what comes next or who comes along?  Because, it would be on fate or destiny, or the stars or on your zodiac sign.

Could love really be a choice?  When you choose to ‘stop’, would it?  Would the switch of your heart suddenly appear and tick ‘off’?  

When can we really say that love is a choice? 

When you choose to let go of someone, would you still call it love?  Was it out of love that people choose to leave, run away and move on?  When someone in a relationship cheated, what choice did he make?   Did he choose to love himself too much to the point that one person’s love for him isn’t enough?

The more I thought about it, the more I came to narrowing my ideas.  I think that the reason why people say love is a choice is because there are different types of love.  Our love for our career, our family and our friends.  Perhaps, we discover our own desires in life.  Deep down, it’ll all come to us; we’ll discover and realize what that may be as we go along our journey.

I guess before you settle your decision, take in consideration the one that makes your heart flutter.  


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