How to Live

12 Questions to take time to think through: #7

What activities would you like to try?

We’re all unique, but somehow we’re all the same.  Some want adventures, some want peace.  Our happiness does not depend on what other’s standard of happiness.  I guess that’s why the question is ‘What activities would you like to try’.

Some people find joy in sharing their time and love to others.  Which is why they involve themselves into charity or organizations that have the same visuals as they do.
There are those who love the extreme and often challenge themselves with something that would make them conquer their fears.  And that’s fun to do, too.

Often, we try things which we already know.  We do things because we know they will make us feel good.  Whether for recreation or relaxation.  But, how about we try something that is far from who we are? Something totally different?  If you like adventures, how about reading a book that’s not about sky diving or wake boarding. Listen to music at home instead of in a concert or gig.  Go out on the beach and simply walk along the shore and reflect about reality.  Look at the stars without having to climb a mountain first.  I think  doing something opposite of how you think it should be done, will make you realize how much you want to do what you really want to do.

Or, if you’re someone who hasn’t tried something different all you’re life, may be it’s time to discover yourself as you explore other possibilities in life.  Go on an adventure.  However or whatever you define adventure, it’s up to you.

Believe that you deserve to explore the world just as much as everyone else.  


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