Life Needs Some Color

There is a fine line between living a simple life and a happy life.  Some people say they’re fine with easy-living, with day-in day-out of routinary work.  There is no problem with that, for as long as you are happy and satisfied.  In fact, it’s great for them to know that they can be joyful of the little things and be contented at the same time.  This isn’t to say that those who can’t be completely happy with small things are irrational or ambitious or over-achiever.  I would like to just point out that even though we all want the same thing, which is happiness, that doesn’t mean we have the same ways of attaining it.  We may want the same product, but we don’t have the same values or multipliers.

Simple, extravagant,  adventurous, grand.  It doesn’t matter what you pick.  It’s your choice.  And it’s important that we choose the one that would color our life in the way that we want the final picture to turn out. But, I believe there will also be times when we think we know for sure what we want and actually go for it, only to find out it doesn’t make us happy.  I hope that we don’t regret those moments; because if we didn’t try, we would have never known it wasn’t meant for us.

It can also be important that we let the aftermath of our choices lead us to discovering new things about ourselves.  Which in a way says that our life and our choices are the biggest trial and error of all.  And that maybe we are learning these math problem solving methods for actual life decision making situations. For me, that would be the ultimate plot twist.

Paint a picture of your future.  Absorb it.  Live for it.  Achieve it.  Then, we discover what happiness is.  


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