Blue Skies and Vivid Colors

It’s a matter of perspective.  How many times have we ever heard this line?  Perspective.  Are people saying when we feel down about something or about life in general, there is something wrong in the way we perceive things?  Maybe.

Image result for bright  tumblr photography

When our emotions are heightened, don’t we all think a little differently?  I think this is why someone said to wait until after 12 minutes before saying anything more. When you’re feelings have subsided then, ask yourself, does what happened minutes ago still matter to you? If yes, spend the next couple of minutes thinking of the right words to speak.  If no, then I guess it means to just let it go.  Or you could always have a talk with someone who’s got your back.  Your ever reliable friend.  Sometimes, it helps to have someone paint you the picture from outside the frame; because they probably have the better sight of the situation.

Image result for bright  tumblr photography

Either someone’s or yours, right perspective is important.  It determines your action.  Your next move.  And you want your every move to lead to a success.  However you define success, that is.  Choose the perspective that will keep you motivated, inspired.  That way even in the darkest days, you can still see the bluest skies.

Our lives are painted with technicolors.  Can you see it? 
I hope you do.  


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