What Do I Do? (Part B)

What Do I Do? (Part A)

That previous post was a little cut short.  I don’t know if you got the clear picture.  I mentioned about college happening and that changing me back to who I was before.  You see I’m now in my fifth and last year in college and during the first semester of my first year, I had a rough start.  At least not with academics.  I was bad with making friends.  I don’t how to keep a conversation going.  It takes time for me to talk and trust people before I open up to them.  It’s when people tell me their stories that it gets to start to be comfortable.  So eventually, by the second semester, I was able to adjust and blend in.  That went on, I was doing okay, better actually until recently.

It seems I wasn’t very close with most of the girls from my block mates.  You see, I’m in an engineering department, which is composed mostly of guys.  So, it just happened that my circle of friends was a little more with guys than girls.  And, we’re having a one week Field Trip together as a class.  Rooms are to be shared in groups of 4 (all girls) and I have no one who wants to share the room with me.  At least that’s how I feel.  I’m boring to them; as I said on my previous post, everyone seems to have a different sense of fun from the one I know.

I’m a little clouded right now and I don’t know why.  It must be the hormones of a young adult who’s dealing with countless hours for feasibility studies with the sight of graduation getting closer and closer.  It must be the stress, the pressure.  I’m a little down and it’s sad that I feel this way right now.  Ha.  Who’s being silent about emotions again? I guess I must be desperate to feel good to choose this place as an outlet.

I need to learn how to keep my circle have open spaces for new people, without forgetting all the ones who deserve to always be on the orbit.  I know that they say you’ll have many temporary people in your life, and have the real ones stay.  I say it’s for us to decide what and when that happens.


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