About A

Angelica. 22. College student. Now a working girl.

I’m the kind you can’t place whether an introvert or an extrovert. I’d like to think I’m all to myself even though I share my thoughts to other people (like you who’s reading this now).

Typical fan girl of music, movies, books, and friendships. Like any other kids, I’m scared of growing up and taking responsibility of my own life and future. But, we’ll all be there so let’s figure out how things go!

I did this page December 2013 and after a few days I never came back, until a year after. Honestly, I didn’t know why I signed up in this site/blog.  At first, I felt like there was something I wanted to say, but I couldn’t figure what that was.  Even now, I don’t know why I came back.  So I decided to just keep writing whatever comes into mind, the things happening, and stuffs I find amusing and interesting.
Maybe, this is where I’ll see myself grow over time. 

I hope that you enjoyed your visit in my page.  Come by often! 


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