12 Questions to take time to think through: #7

What activities would you like to try?

We’re all unique, but somehow we’re all the same.  Some want adventures, some want peace.  Our happiness does not depend on what other’s standard of happiness.  I guess that’s why the question is ‘What activities would you like to try’.

Some people find joy in sharing their time and love to others.  Which is why they involve themselves into charity or organizations that have the same visuals as they do.
There are those who love the extreme and often challenge themselves with something that would make them conquer their fears.  And that’s fun to do, too.

Often, we try things which we already know.  We do things because we know they will make us feel good.  Whether for recreation or relaxation.  But, how about we try something that is far from who we are? Something totally different?  If you like adventures, how about reading a book that’s not about sky diving or wake boarding. Listen to music at home instead of in a concert or gig.  Go out on the beach and simply walk along the shore and reflect about reality.  Look at the stars without having to climb a mountain first.  I think  doing something opposite of how you think it should be done, will make you realize how much you want to do what you really want to do.

Or, if you’re someone who hasn’t tried something different all you’re life, may be it’s time to discover yourself as you explore other possibilities in life.  Go on an adventure.  However or whatever you define adventure, it’s up to you.

Believe that you deserve to explore the world just as much as everyone else.  


12 Questions to take time to think through: #8

What skills would you like to improve?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Isn’t that one of the most asked questions when we were 5 and innocent.   If you ask the same question to a bunch of 20 year olds, do you think most of them would know the answer? It’s probably because they’ve known the difference between talent and skill.  Between passion and profession.  What would you choose? Something that you love doing or to be someone you swore you would be in the next five years?  I think it’s possible to choose both, if you’re lucky enough to know what you love and what you want at the same time.

Improving a skill is important because that is basically how you attain competency.   But,  I believe selecting which skill you would like to improve is more important.  This may be about achieving success in life but it’s also about defining your character more.  Who you are, what you are and what you want to be.  Improving in a skill gives a sense of accomplishment and, in a way, self-satisfaction.  Whether it’s for you or for your job, improvements will make you feel good.

“Achieve to be better than who you are yesterday.”

12 Questions to take time to think through: #9

9. What is the most important thing you could ever do?


A lot of things can make us feel alive.  Our dreams, our love for people, or our love in general, seeing things falling into place.  These are just some of what fills our hearts with joy. These are the things which, at the end of the day, can truly clear the wrinkles on our forehead.  But, each day, are we doing what needs to be done to keep the motivation, the love and for things to fall into place? They say you can’t achieve success or happiness in one trial, in one snap. It takes effort, time, focus and understanding to come to a perfect timing when it all finally happens. You have to make a move.

When you love a person, you don’t just say you love them.  Haven’t we all heard that action speaks louder than words? When you love, you care, you serve, you put your heart on fire until it’s flamed enough to feel any more pain, until it’s strong enough to conquer anything.  When you dream to be someone, you don’t just watch other people do it.  You try, and you dare and you try and try for yourself until you get there.  When you want to be a friend, you don’t just sit there and watch them cry. You’re going to have to move your arms and embrace their problems like they are your own.  When you’re happy, celebrating on your own is not going to help you savor the moment.  Feel it with the people who’ve been there for you all along. Thank those who’ve supported you on your journey. When you’ve given a helping hand to someone, you don’t wait for them to give it back. You are a person with a heart who felt the need to help, not a store that offers something for money or anything to trade.

To sum it up, I believe the most important thing we can do is to act on our feelings. It’s not enough to just want something or to just see things.  Making it happen is what’s most important.

Believing is a strong drive to lead us to where we want to be. Achieving is another step. 

12 Questions to take time to think through: #10

10. What do you want people you love to know?


Our heads are always filled with great amount of random and silly thoughts.  Some we want to let other people know but we just don’t know how, and some we want to keep to ourselves for good.

Sometimes words are hard to find when the moment seems to come and everything shrinks that it’s almost impossible to think.  When that happens, you just embarrass yourself by stuttering and bringing up something that’s completely out of nowhere. Suddenly you wish you never dared to speak a single word.  The amount of humiliation scares us from speaking our minds, from telling the truth that is dying to cry its way out of our skin.  Other times, worse than humiliation, we fear rejection.  We are frightened of the possibility than the person we love might not react in a way we hope them to.

But see, who knows what’s across the line? Didn’t they say the bigger losers are the ones that never even tried?

If there’s something you want to confess to the person you love, tell them now, or when you’ve got it all figured out.  Do not even think about whether you’re just hurting them by saying something.  If you feel they deserve to know what is, then have the courage to bring it up.  If it means clearing up the dark clouds inside your head, do it.

If it’s something good, well, there’s no better time than today! Time runs faster when you’re in love and when you’re with the person you love (at least that’s what i heard).  Talk to them to make every second count.

If it’s something about the past, you should decide whether it still matters for them to know or not.  Does it have anything to do with the both of you? Do you feel like it’s important for them to know? Does it make you feel like you’re hiding something if you don’t tell them? Think about these things and then decide on it.  Anyways, if they love you too, they’ll be understanding whatever it is that you say.

You’re doing it out of love and honesty comes with love.

There’s no better time than everyday in telling the person you love that you love them. 

12 Questions to take time to think through: #11

11.  Is there any specific person you would like to meet?

If after reading this question and you’re first impression is like why, we probably felt the same.  The question doesn’t imply anything at first read but over and over, if you try to contemplate what does this ask, it becomes sensible.  No?

Lately, I see some teenagers’ tweets are about looking for someone — special friend, friend or a best friend.  We think the answer to our loneliness and longings are people who can fill the empty spaces, the blanks.  In truth, we have no one specific in our mind who we want to meet, because we need to meet them. We ask of fate, of destiny, of God, to give us the person who will be with us through anything.  If this is your case, just let things come naturally.  The day will come when you’ll never have to wish for it, because it’s already right in front of you.


If you have someone really specific who you’d want to meet, come to this person.  No one knows when the time is right.  Approach them when you feel like it, but do not ever hold back for the fear of rejection.  Rejection is better than not trying at all.