Time Flies When I Hide

Growing up, I think I have always carried a weight of anxieties over my shoulder.  I worry about the simplest of things, about school, friends, family, but mostly about what I want to do.  Or how can I be able to what I want to do. Or should I do what I want to do. … Continue reading Time Flies When I Hide


I Can’t Be Sorry. . .

I can't be sorry for coming off with a strong personality. I can't be sorry for learning how to stand for myself. I can't be sorry for being aloof at first meeting, or even at second. I can't be sorry for taking a step back from someone who has wronged me. I can't be sorry for… Continue reading I Can’t Be Sorry. . .


Tears and Understanding

I have only heard it a couple of times, that some days you'll just wake up and want to cry. Today's the first for me.  Maybe a part of it is because of the weather; the cold wind could be bringing such weird emotions.  I have been frustrated the past months about academics, with all… Continue reading Tears and Understanding

Random Facts

Ed Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill! (Pt. 1)

Yes, I am one of those who waited for him to come back after a year.  Waited for the date and time.  And then the clock ticks and he posts his two very beautiful gifts to us Sheerios! Yay! I listened to the Castle on the Hill first and to be completely honest, I was… Continue reading Ed Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill! (Pt. 1)