Tears and Understanding

I have only heard it a couple of times, that some days you'll just wake up and want to cry. Today's the first for me.  Maybe a part of it is because of the weather; the cold wind could be bringing such weird emotions.  I have been frustrated the past months about academics, with all… Continue reading Tears and Understanding


This Year 2017. . .

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful There are lot of things I am looking forward to this 2017; one of those is completing my degree, aka probably the turning point of my life. This year, I am set to graduate by early June.  Although before that happens, I have to cap off my feasibility study, Certification Review… Continue reading This Year 2017. . .


What Do I Do? (Part A)

via Daily Prompt: Silence             Silent.  This is how I have always been since when I was younger.  I have always been silent about how I feel.  About how I truly feel.  There are things I can express.  Like how I hate the way my hair looks that day, or… Continue reading What Do I Do? (Part A)


Life Needs Some Color

There is a fine line between living a simple life and a happy life.  Some people say they're fine with easy-living, with day-in day-out of routinary work.  There is no problem with that, for as long as you are happy and satisfied.  In fact, it's great for them to know that they can be joyful… Continue reading Life Needs Some Color