Certificate of Recognition

via Daily Prompt: Recognize

People are the hardest to recognize; minus the name and the physical attributes, if you really think about it sometimes, people could be the hardest to recognize.  You can know someone by their name for years and not know who they really are.  Would you agree?

There is a difference between who we are and how we want to be recognized.  Some would want to be seen as the happy go lucky despite struggling in the inside from pressure.  Some would want to be seen as the successful one even though they have been slacking off the whole time.  In college, some attend to non-academics activities because they want to find a life outside of the syllabus.  There are a lot more stories that could be similar to these but my question is, how do you know you’re seeing the person in front of you in the way they want to be seen, in the way they want to be recognized?  Would you easily acknowledge them? For what they show and they say they are? Or would you look at them a little longer and see what their smiles tell you?

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Personally, I think that people will show you what they want to show you.  And it’s easier to accept how they choose to appear in front of us if we don’t know much about them.

It’s not on how long but how deep
the friendship has been.


That Thing Called Tadhana


That Thing Called Tadhana is a Filipino indie film that has struck the country, and still does in their third going fourth week of showing in theaters nationwide.  As the title reads, viewers initially thought that the movie was going to be about love or a love story of a couple.  It is, in a way, but I guess the director has something in his mind to disguise its real story behind a happy title.

This film drags the sense of reality into the world of dramatic representation of real-life issues.  It talks about the complications of moving on, letting go, of when, why and how.  Personally, I have not felt anything as complex as romantic heartache but this movie shows the facts and figures I have yet to see.  I have felt the need to listen to every words.  How flushing the rage out of your system can make the pain go.  It’s not even about how long you’ll feel miserable.  It talks about the moment, the present and how eventually, you’ll start seeing the things, or new things, that make up your world together, more than the things or the people in your past did

This is what the film is trying to tell me, or at least I thought so:

Love is not measured or determined by time or memories shared together.  Love is not about you.  It is about who you see through the eyes of the person that mirrors your feelings.  Forgetting the person you have once shared the world with couldn’t have a right time or duration.  Forgetting is not about waiting for the chance to where and when to throw everything away.  Forgetting is a choice.  It is up to you how to treat the happy and wonderful days of your history, but in the end, you have to keep looking forward to the days you have yet to feel happier and grand.  

And, like how the late professor Morrie Schwartz said it, “Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long.”