Movie Review: Edge of Seventeen

From watching the film’s trailer, I’ve wanted so badly to see the movie. Aside from the fact that Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson were in it, the story line is very attractive because it tackles about ones character. Finally, I found the time to see it yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed. I know it was a teenage movie but it still teaches you a lot about people and why they act the way they do. 

Nadine has issues about herself that she needed to fully understand and acknowledge first before she was able to fix. She had her family and friends but she didn’t quite see those facts all because she’s blinded by her personal issues. I liked that the movie showed several factors that lead to how Nadine became as a kid and as a person; because that was the truth. People don’t just change because something happened; life is a series. Some things are connected in some ways, even in its downsides. 
I love movies that show a person’s growth, because we always want to grow. Even when we have already grown, especially when we’ve already grown. Don’t they say that when we’ve learned so much, that we crave for more? Which is the opposite of the more we think we know, the more we don’t in reality. I’m not trying to say I’ve learned so much about life already, I’m still so young. But, regardless of age, we all want to gain something that will feed our souls. Would you agree? 


Movie Review: The Age of Adaline

I was so intrigued about this movie the moment I saw its trailer.  I thought it was really interesting because it defies something that is impossible to resist.  It isn’t just a romantic story that tackles about conquering anything for the sake of love and happiness.  There’s more to the story than Adaline and Ellis accepting each other despite the history behind everything.

I’m not going to spoil you with anything (although I think by now everyone must have seen the movie already) because I personally hate spoilers.  I’m just going to say what it says to me.

The Age of Adaline has brought up something what most of us need to learn.  The movie talks about living, not just for the future but for what transforms your todays to happy days.   That it’s not compromising to the safe circles of the society, but it’s about making a difference if that’s what it takes to feel alive.

It taught me that if you start thinking about what you want for yourself and not about what other people are going to say, you’ll be happier.  It showed me that if I stop running away from the possibilities, then will I only discover the chances I keep trashing away. Adaline stopped chasing the life she thought she was contented with, only to realize that’s the only way to see the beginning of something beautiful.  She showed me that when you stop looking at the familiar, you’ll see the bigger picture behind the walls.  We don’t have to settle for what’s certain just because that’s the safe thing to do.  Living starts when you stop trying to hold yourself back from what your heart wants.

I know this might have been said a lot of times now, but there is a reason why it’s still being said.

It’s not living if you’re stuck in the safe lane because that’s what’s going to keep you alive.  With that, you’re only surviving.