Tears and Understanding

I have only heard it a couple of times, that some days you’ll just wake up and want to cry. Today’s the first for me.  Maybe a part of it is because of the weather; the cold wind could be bringing such weird emotions.  I have been frustrated the past months about academics, with all the pressure that’s surfacing around the air.  I got over it, or so I thought, during the holidays.  I was able to take a step back and just relax for a while.  During those times I was able to reflect of what I’ve been doing lately, both in the academics and my involvements in school.  Having listed in my head those realizations, I have found things I am proud of, while there are some that I just need to move on from.  That was my thought a month ago, before school started the second semester.

Now I am here, back to step 1.  Confronting my down sides and enumerating my faults.  I didn’t know I could be so frustrating.  I woke up this morning and just felt like I needed to cry. I attended my only class for the day and we were dismissed an hour earlier. I found the chance to quickly run the errands for the activity we’re holding for tomorrow.  I was still feeling down so I just decided to attend the 12 noon mass in our school chapel, and also because I have the time anyway.  It’s funny because every time I go there, I always have these questions to ask to Him.  I had 10 minutes before the mass started so I wrote them, my questions. About everything I wanted an answer with.  Then the mass started.  I stopped writing and just listened, in hopes of hearing what I need to hear, whatever it may be.  And in some ways, I guess I’ve got an answer.

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Maybe He made it possible that I had an early off from class just so I could attend the mass and hear the words that I need to understand.  Today I was reminded of the things I have already learned before but forgotten, all because I’m being so hard on myself.  The thing about our frustrations in life is that we are the only answer to it.  We are the only ones capable to cure ourselves.  I wouldn’t say it’s easy.  I wouldn’t say there’s fast way to it.  But, we are and our will to change our perspective are the answer.

Chase perspective. 


College Update


I’m currently a regular 4th year student under the industrial engineering department of my college. To tell you honestly, it’s getting really tough for me. I have this one subject that’s going way out of control.  I mean, I have reviewed for the short quizzes and pulled my stretches for the major exam and still nothing. I know that I still have half of this term to make things work but I’m extremely scared of failing.  And I know too that it’s not the rarest event for a college student to fail a class, but with so much pressure on my shoulders, I feel like I can’t afford to fail. Most college students are experiencing the same struggle. And, I bet at some point most have thought of giving up but didn’t and chose to keep moving. I want to be one of those people.

Right now, I’m plucking all my courage and hopes altogether to stay willing in pursuing greater achievements.  I have so many good people and friends around me to help. And knowing that I’m not alone on this makes it easier for me to strive harder. I know I can be bigger than my inferiority.

Everybody goes through something. Everybody should get through it.