Certificate of Recognition

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People are the hardest to recognize; minus the name and the physical attributes, if you really think about it sometimes, people could be the hardest to recognize.  You can know someone by their name for years and not know who they really are.  Would you agree?

There is a difference between who we are and how we want to be recognized.  Some would want to be seen as the happy go lucky despite struggling in the inside from pressure.  Some would want to be seen as the successful one even though they have been slacking off the whole time.  In college, some attend to non-academics activities because they want to find a life outside of the syllabus.  There are a lot more stories that could be similar to these but my question is, how do you know you’re seeing the person in front of you in the way they want to be seen, in the way they want to be recognized?  Would you easily acknowledge them? For what they show and they say they are? Or would you look at them a little longer and see what their smiles tell you?

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Personally, I think that people will show you what they want to show you.  And it’s easier to accept how they choose to appear in front of us if we don’t know much about them.

It’s not on how long but how deep
the friendship has been.


This Year 2017. . .

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There are lot of things I am looking forward to this 2017; one of those is completing my degree, aka probably the turning point of my life.
This year, I am set to graduate by early June.  Although before that happens, I have to cap off my feasibility study, Certification Review and 15 more units of classes.  Along the way, I’m probably facing a few or so mental breakdowns but I am pretty sure it’s worth it. While I have faced so much emotional and physical strains from all the past requirements, I have gained more than what I lost.

I am one of those 20 year olds who aren’t sure where they’re going or what they’re going to do after college but, still, I hope I get the diploma.  It’s risky and scary to get out of the place that became home to you.  After all the years you’ve been there, stayed there for all the good and the bad, with all the professors and random classmates, it’s become a place of comfort.

School in general has played a great role in shaping me to become the person I am today.  While there are a lot of other factors that contribute to that, I should point out that school is where I met a lot of people, who in a way or more have brought the best out of me.  It’s where I was opened to what kind of society I was living in and shall try to survive.  It’s prepared me for the real deal that I have yet to make in the next chapters of my life.  In it, I was young yet capable to become more and more.  In it, I was raw but also a work in progress.

In 2017, I am hoping that all the things I have learned and gone through the past years will pay off.

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In truth, school is wherever you’re learning.


You can make time for the things you want in life.  No matter how difficult it may seem to find some space in your schedule, you will be able to squeeze in a few minutes for what you love.  Really.  Sometimes it’s almost impossible, but I think when you truly truly want something, you can because you will make some time.

This is what I realized for the past days.  I have been working on my thesis and I started to realize I haven’t given much time for the org which I signed up for at the start of the semester.  It’s never easy to balance things on your hands.  It’s hard to put some more food on a full plate.  But, when you take a step back and really look at what you have, you will realize you can pull down a few portions from your plate and make some space for the other things that also matter.  It’s not about priorities anymore.  It’s about what things you want to work out with. It’s about holding on to the things you don’t want to lose.  It’s about taking responsibility of the things you have to take care of.  I mean nothing’s ever easy, so why sacrifice some along the way?

Treasure all the things you want, you need in your life.  Don’t let pressure or disappointments or greed come over success and let that ruin the meaning of life.

When you start to become positive, when you start to think you are capable of juggling two or three things between your hands, you will feel even better.  Knowing that you’re there making it work instead of losing pieces of you along with the chances you choose not to take care of.

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Live while you can! 

Wander in my Thoughts


What does F. Scott Fitzgerald mean to say with “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice”?  I looked up online of how it was understood by some people.  One answer got me and it says, “It is not against second chances, just against identical chances.”  I know it’s supposed to make things clearer for me, but no.  The additional words to the already mind racking quote made it even harder for me to catch the real meaning of the thought.  What are ‘identical chances’? How does it differ from ‘second chances’?

One saying of a wise man gave birth to a thousand questions in my head.  Love alone is complicated, what more if we clasp it within expressions that make the curious young ones wonder even more? I have nothing against on how Sir Fitzgerald put it. And that is not why I am writing this.

The more I read the line, the more I couldn’t figure what it means to me.  The closest I can think of is this: There are hundreds or thousands of people you’ll meet in all throughout your journey in life, but no person can ever give you the same love.  It’s not the amount of how much they can give but how alone.  Some people can love but not sacrifice.  Some cannot trust. Some cannot find courage.  Some cannot let go. Some cannot hold on.  It’s not questioning or comparing what kind of love others give you.  But like how Sir Fitzgerald says it, or at least how I understand he says it, there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice. 

To me, it means to say that the love you receive from each person has a distinctive characteristic that separates it from the other kinds of love.  I might have gotten the meaning too literal but in a way, I find it sensible to distinguish love, each from the others.  I don’t know either why it makes perfect sense to see the differences from them.

What do you think?

Reaching the Sky


Reaching new heights is good and liberating.  It’s a challenge with no one to beat or race against with but your own record.  The tough part is, you either win or lose because it’s a you-versus-you competition.  Win the jackpot or throw the lot.  But on the optimist’s viewpoint, it’s the kind of challenge where you don’t lose anything because it’s a win-win game.  If you win at first shot, congratulations, you did it right.  Now you have another record to beat.  If you lose, no worries buddy, at least you learned something.  In your second or third attempt, you know better than before.  You can always give it another try.

It’s almost a cycle to continue until one day, you get contented of the best that you think you already are.  It’s not  bad stay at a certain level of success, if that’s all that you want for yourself.  Some find joy at the simplest pleasures in life, while some enjoy the thrill of the roller coaster ride.  Having less than what others have doesn’t mean having less than what makes you happy. Your measure of success doesn’t have to match other’s.  We all view life and living differently, which is why we can’t dictate others what to do.  Reaching your goal is through a uniquely paved sky way than mine and all other people.  If you happen to see some along your way, do not war against them because there is an unlimited source of the thing we all want which is happiness.